Upon researching ACTION PAINTING I found the artist Hans Hartung who became a part of Tachism:

Tachisme is a French style of abstract painting popular in the 1940s and 1950s. The term is said to have been first used with regards to the movement in 1951. It is often considered to be the European equivalent to abstract expressionism, although there are stylistic differences (American abstract expressionism tended to be more “aggressively raw” than tachisme). It was part of a larger postwar movement known as Art Informel (or Informel), which abandoned geometric abstraction in favour of a more intuitive form of expression, similar to action painting.

L36 1957 by Hans Hartung 1904-1989
No. 77 1958 by Hans Hartung 1904-1989
Hans Hartung
No. 77 1958 by Hans Hartung 1904-1989

It was believed that these pieces were created spontaneously however there are suggestions that they were meticulously planned out as drawings in sketchbooks. I attempted to create some spontaneous drawings of my own however I think it is very hard to truely be spontaneous, there are always influences from your environment, maybe the type of drawing equipment you are using for example if I were to use a thick marker pen I may choose to draw less that with a pencil.

Drawing 1

If you try and create a drawing spontaneously is it pretty hard to not be thinking about what you are doing and making choices, any one who disagrees or wants to comment on this is very welcome to do so as it would be great for me to put into the critical analysis part of my project!

Another artist that is related to action painting is Jackson Pollock:
Here is a video showing the way he creates his work, not the best quality however you do get a feeling as to why he is related to action paintings.



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